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Marty Esworthy, Megaera-award-winning poet, editor emeritus Steel Point Quarterly, and renowned poetry impresario is also a performance artist, best known for his "Thinking of Ng"  epic (1998--2003). Recent verse publications include Literary Chaos, Landings, Diffference Engine, Haggard & Halloo, House Taken Over, Fledgling Rag,  Fox Chase Review , logodaedalus, Syzygy, The International Digest of World Poetry, and Miserere Review.


Poetry collections by Esworthy include hard reality (Pacobooks, 2004) and Twenty-Six Javanese Proverbs (Iris G. Press, 2006). His latest work, by T&T Press (April 2009), is entitled Uh, Oh! The Object Looks Back! His work has been translated into eleven languages, including Dutch, Finnish and Fortran.


Esworthy initiated, in 1999, the weekly long-running literary reading series Poetry Thursdays,  hosted by the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel, an arts promotional organization founded in 1987 by Esworthy and Michael Olimpi.

Twenty-Six Javanese Proverbs

Life and Love Among the Amish


Search for absolute zero. Peach

blossoms, starry nights— to know

no boundaries. The new


urbane loneliness, yeah... these

are the things you are to me.


Casting a chill: elixir of life.


Spark of life savers

in a black buggy. Petals

on a bough, pennies in a stream.


An Amtrak frozen for 30 seconds

in Montpelier, at 3:42am—

in 1985. Spring.


Verizon, so like the

Bodhi-tree. Wet, musky,

superior magic.

My spirit is forever

with you. You cannot go

both ways.

A forked road

appears to lead in

different directions.


You are the Huron

of my lonely, little heart.



                                       Marty Esworthy


                                           from Twenty-Six Javanese Proverbs

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