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Fledgling Rag

Fledgling Rag

Issue 6

Issue 6 Feature Poet:

Deanna Nikado


Kwame Alexander           
Forestine Bynum            

Jarred Michael Ebert

Reni Fulton 

Rick Kearns

Alan McClary 


Barbara Buckman Strasko

Michele Swigart Uhrich

The way the sun’s warmth
makes leaves shudder
a million miles away

I want that with you.

I want the translation
lengthening in a seed
when earth’s dark night
will not release it

the headless splendor
of instinct
unlike any human tarring
pushing through bark.
Is there any other way
to want you more

turn that burning color
just before
leaves fall

let loose the branch
without a flutter
land completely earth
kissing the ground
with your lips.

October 28, 2007



                       Deanna Nikado

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