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Fledgling Rag

Fledgling Rag

Issue 4

Issue 4 Feature Poet:

Jack Veasey


C. E. Frederick       
Dave Grill           
David Panckeri       
Alan Spears           

Debberae Streett

Sarah Strickler

Sue Taylor

Doreen Zimmerman

Ten Degrees

Ten degrees north
of where we were
the light is furtive
and wistful.
My command of this
language is
like the light.
I speak softly,
uncharacteristically shy.
There are differences
in a minor key
ten eggs
and not a dozen
papers that are just
the wrong size
for my filing cabinet.
It can throw you off
the distinction
between a place
and another
(just a bit)
the axial tilt
of a personal sphere.
The things we carry with us
and what we
hold them in
must be returned
for deposit
or remembered
while leaving.

                                Dave Grill

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