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Fledgling Rag

Fledgling Rag

Issue 1

Issue 1 Feature Poet:

Marty Esworthy


2HEL (Marissa Allen)                   

Alexandra Hartman         
Le Hinton               
Susan Norris               

Julia Rietmulder-Stone


Christian W. Thiede

Julia Tilley

Calliope, Toppling

    With  grace.  
Gravity of asteroids, suns & stars, fractured
and silvered.
                             Firmament there. Here,
and now, more precisely, a watching point.
Like live cams at Fifth Avenue & 45th
capturing each&every object flowing through
inert space and time and, hey!
you are there!
                            Until [the] leaves and
things begin to fall, time/ stands still.
Resonant with serene dignity not
often found in colours or small
                         Ohh, the past is solid,
you can bank on it, you can sit on
it. Chill--      agh! in this capacity
light can be so purely passive.  
Low-watt. Energy-efficient like
an organic piece of art-- say, bonsai-- patently
evolving, shifting, riffing though blue & blue time,
whiz-bang-erasing short-term memory & celebrating
the fluorescent.
                                            Why not manifest
sequence? Goddamn moon all in red
with a big, black isthmus. A waiting
point.... Intervallic.    Sequence…  
sequence is destiny, sweet permutation
of time and tan. Song, then, the language
of orioles and whales.
             and elegant as sky.         Like
        the way Ali walked to a corner
     when Foreman spun &  
 fell/ back in the Jungle.



                                              Marty Esworthy


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