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Le Hinton is the author of five poetry collections including, The Language of Moisture and Light (Iris G. Press, 2014) and, most recently, Sing Silence (Iris G. Press, 2018). His work has been widely published and can be found in The Best American Poetry 2014,  Little Patuxent Review, the Baltimore Review, and outside Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, incorporated into Derek Parker's sculpture Common Thread.


He has read his work at the Library of Congress for Grace Cavalieri's long-running series, The Poet and the Poem; Penn State University for the Pennsylvania Center for the Book's Public Poetry Project; in Charleston, South Carolina, for the Capital BookFest; and in New York City at the New School for The Best American Poetry 2014 release reading.

Sing Silence


Black on Most Days


The Language of Moisture

and Light


Status Post Hope


The God of Our Dreams


Waiting for Brion


Black on Most Days

i am as tender as a stingray
turned floating action figure
for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

i am as accurate as a manuscript error
or the pen and ink revisions of last week

i am as assured as Donald Hall
after two hours of reading
Jane’s poetry

i am as sweet as frozen bloodworms in
the back of an icebox during a power failure
in June

i am as happy
as my ex-wife when she was
married to me

i am as grateful as Gregor Samsa
as lonely as Bogart



                            Le Hinton


                           from Black on Most Days